Business Leaders Support Jeffco Kids

The biased editorials in the Denver Post continue to upset business owners in Jeffco. We hear from these individuals in large numbers following Denver Post editorial comments. It has to make one wonder why the Denver Post continues to operate in such a way when they are financially killing their own business due to politicking instead of reporting. Just search the mass exodus of quality reporters who have resigned from the Denver Post over the past several years.

They tried to sell the Denver Post:

No one was interested so they put this one out for shareholders:

The ownership should listen to the community that the paper is actually supposed to be serving. Here’s a great letter for them to start with:

———- Forwarded Message ———-
From: “” <>
Subject: Response to Mike Rosen’s commentary, “Jeffco Recall Tactics Are Revolt ing”
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 17:33:29 GMT

Mike Rosen’s commentary endorsing business policies of the tea party-sponsored majority on the Jeffco School Board is bad for business and bad for the business of sound education.
Here’s why…

Last fall, Board member Julie Williams used language lifted from far-right Texas activists who demand the College Board’s AP History course be taught from a free-market bias. Such history plays to white economic winners. AP history has always been fluid and subject to revision. Teachers who wanted to teach more about entrepreneur Ben Franklin are encouraged to enrich the curriculum and spend less time on FDR, for instance.

On their won initiative last fall, students protested such censorship Williams proposed. I was on the front lines dressed as Thomas Jefferson interviewing these protesters. Businesses won’t settle in Jefferson County if such right-wing censorship continues. It makes our county into a laughingstock of the nation, a place for dullards to gather.

Business leaders have reprimanded the Jeffco Majority Board members for rejecting low-cost funding that schools and libraries have used for years. Northwest Arvada, where I’ve lived since 1981, has a booming student population that needs new schools. But the tea party mantra is “no new taxes.” The Jeffco School Board majority rubber stamps this policy business investors deem stupid.

I served on the Arvada Chamber Board of Directors, headed the Wheat Ridge Chamber as Executive Director and was second in command in founding the West Chamber for Jefferson County.

From a pro-business perspective, Rosen’s commentary is bankrupt.

Respectfully submitted,