Breaking News!

Breaking News!

Ken Witt (Recall Ken Witt), Jeffco School Board President just held a Press Conference and completely played the media! What a Carnival Sideshow!

He said he’s calling the bluff of the community and filing a complaint on himself with the Ethics Commission. Only one problem – he didn’t even file the complaint with the right jurisdiction! Colorado Ethics Watch was quick to point this out on Twitter!

Ethics Watch


He refused to answer the questions of the reporters – “I’ll give you a copy” – for what instance did you file a complaint?

ChalkBeat Reporter Nic Garcia asked him about following the spirit of the law – again, no answer. Just the lick of a stamp for show! (It was a sticker so we didn’t even get the dramatic lick!)

Mr. Witt, you have not listened to the community, you have refused to hold yourself accountable to the community, and you have violated your own policies and open meetings laws numerous times! THAT is why we are asking for you, John Newkirk, and Julie Williams to be recalled! It’s on video, multiple times. That’s called “beyond a reasonable doubt” and “undisputable proof!”

If you really want to show evidence – send us copies of all of your personal emails and your cell phone records, including texts. We are more than happy to print them for you!

Putting a stamp on an envelope isn’t news. Putting TWO stamps on an envelope isn’t news! We’re calling YOUR bluff and performance!

In other news – Mike Krouse, VP of Operations at the Independence Institute was at Witt’s news conference publicity stunt telling people he was in charge.

Transparency, Accountability, and Respect!

Vote YES on Recall!


Just as a follow up – parents all over wrote a variety of jurisdictions over the past nearly two years:

Good morning, Ms. XXXXX

While we are certainly sympathetic to your concerns, the Independent Ethics Commission does not have jurisdiction over volunteer school board members, as determined in 2009. Thus, we are not in a position to investigate further. 
Amy C. DeVan

Executive Director, Independent Ethics Commission
(720) 625-5697

AND, a copy of Mr. Witt’s “complaint” shows it’s not a complaint at all but requests an advisory opinion and guidance.