Watching social media posts over the past few months has been draining and depressing. Many people are expressing this and several friends are taking frequent breaks to save their sanity.

Our very own Senator Kerr posted a link to an article about 2016 not being all bad and wrote “I will try to be as positive as possible going into 2017…” That’s the key!

We had a lot of great wins in Jefferson County with legislators who will now represent us and who fully support public education. Though we lost on the 3A and 3B initiatives, we still have a lot to be proud of and thankful for. We have a highly qualified and highly educated Board of Education who truly care about our schools and they each Support Jeffco Kids. At least until November 2017, keeping a great Board to serve our children is up to us.

We have the opportunity to provide our feedback to the Board and actively participate in ways that can make a difference for our children. Unlike the time from December 2013 through November 2015, there is an opportunity to be heard.

Though we have no idea how public education will change from the national level during this next term, we do have the opportunity for local control and our own efforts to advocate together.

We can be certain that politics will attempt to interfere with our schools and the education of our children but we have the opportunity to take the coming months to educate our community collectively and work together to ensure that we give our children the best opportunities available.

Jeffco is huge and it will take all of us working together again to make a difference and ensure we retain a school board that supports public education for all children.

We can be sad and watch the bad news on social media and dwell on things beyond our control OR we can #BeLikeAndy (Senator Kerr) and focus on the positive and take action. We can be the example for our children.

What can you do?

Join us!

Share the information we put out. We research the facts to share with you and provide lots of links. Without working together to educate this very large community, we can’t reach everyone. We need you to help.

Ask others to join in

We need everyone. Every parent and community member who cares about children and public education must realize that making change will take all of us. In 2013, the community didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. In 2015, we came together and worked together in an effort that was recognized nationally AND internationally. We have the ability to do this again. Let 2017 be that year.

Learn the facts

It’s truly important that everyone understand facts about education and it’s not a simple subject.

  • Education funding is a statewide issue. There are inequities across all of our public schools in Colorado and these issues are increasing.
  • Though Jeffco passed a Band-Aid mill and bond in 2012, it was only for the most dire needs. The 2008 mill and bond failed and we have not made a significant investment in our public schools since 2004, 12 years ago!
  • Campaigns must start with the community. Colorado is different than any other state. This means that we must have a robust group of volunteers. For a district the size of Jeffco, this means that every parent, community member, and public education supporter must become knowledgeable about the facts and join in to share the information.
  • Cookie dough and other school fundraisers are not going to fix the problem.
  • Our teachers, administrators, and classified staff cannot make changes alone. They require the assistance of all who touch our public schools.
  • The impacts of our 2013 board election, the failed mill and bond for 2016, and the failed mill and bond for 2008 have made and will continue to cause negative impacts to our children.

What positive things do we have going for us now?

We are Jeffco. We are known around the state and nation as being strong supporters of our schools. The nation watched us in fascination as we worked together collectively for a result that turned our district around.

We CAN work together to ensure that we continue to have a Board of Education who will work to support public education and we have a network ready to go.

Now is the time to make a commitment to participate. Let THAT be your New Year’s Resolution!


Three seats are up in November 2017, that’s a majority. Don’t allow a repeat of 2013, contact us to ensure you’re on our email list and will receive information as to how you can help and join in to protect our schools! To volunteer, email volunteers@supportjeffcokids.org. To receive the newsletter, email newsletter@supportjeffcokids.org.

We have several legislators who are strong supporters of public education and they welcome your feedback. The 2017 Legislative Session is sure to provide opportunities to offer testimony and support our schools. We’ll make sure you know about those!

We know how to advocate in Jeffco and we are a force to be reckoned with when we come together to make a difference.

#BeLikeAndy #WeAreJeffco and with a nod to Carrie Fisher, #JeffcoIsTheForce

Join us! Support Jeffco Kids!