Believe, Jeffco!

Several years ago, my Girl Scout Troop did a service project collecting toys for an organization to give to needy kids at Christmas. I collected the toys and took the donations to the nonprofit. As I was waiting to drop the donation, I overheard a couple talking about whether they should go inside and use the vouchers they had to get gifts for their children. The woman was crying and the man was bothered that he couldn’t provide for his family as he’d lost his job. They debated whether they’d find jobs and be able to do something for their children in time. The woman was concerned that if they failed, their children would no longer “believe.” They discussed so many scenarios as the woman continued to cry and they hugged outside without going in.


Stories like this happen every day, we just don’t hear about them as we go about our business in our own little corner of the world. Everyone should have an opportunity to believe in the power of our community.


Please join us in making a difference in our corner, Jeffco.

From December 1st thru December 15th we’ll be taking the following donations.

Action Center:

Toys for kids, please leave them unwrapped
Wrapping paper

Food Bank:

Canned fruit, any kind!
Canned tomato products – diced, sauce, paste, Rotel, etc.
Canned chili beans
Proteins of all sorts EXCEPT tuna
Peanut butter (small jars are great for backpack program)
Toiletries and personal care items


Anything you can do to help is very appreciated and will make a huge difference in the lives of our Jeffco kids!  We have a few locations you can drop to (feel free to take donations in at YOUR home and come visit us!)

In the North – drop to Shawna or Jonna at:

5683 Fig Way, Arvada or 8660 Yank Ct., Arvada


In the South – drop to Annie or Kathryn:

13723 W. Amherst Way, Lakewood or  2441 S. Zinnia Way, Lakewood


In the Mountains – contact Sally Kate  (214) 826-9972 or Tammy  (303) 475-8397 to meet up

OR drop to Sally Kate:

6111 Kilimanjaro, Evergreen

Please do feel free to drop items on our porches if we are not at home, we’ll be checking regularly!


Jeffco, you’ve already done something that changed lives this year. We hope you’ll join us in making a huge difference for Jeffco kids with this service project and end the year with a smile on your face because you put a smile on someone else’s!

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SJK Holiday