Welcome Back, Advocate

Welcome back kids and families!


As you all walk through the doors, returning to Jeffco Schools for the 2014-2015 school year, remember that the most important thing you can do is to get involved!  For the parents of our kindergarteners who wait with them outside their classrooms, fearing tears and separation anxiety, they will be loved and cared for this year by excellent Jeffco teachers.  For the parents of high schoolers who would rather that you didn’t arrive to help them with registration and figuring out where their classrooms are, you are appreciated by your children and your child’s teachers.


In Our Room


Our teachers have been busy preparing their classrooms, lesson plans, extracurricular events, and passionately working to inspire your children to have their best year yet.  The picture above was a creation of a lovely Jeffco teacher who wanted to ensure her students understood their abilities and potential.  You can support your child and staff by doing a number of things:


  • Join your PTA!  If you don’t have a PTA, you can join the Jeffco PTA to ensure that you have every piece of information available to keep you informed and to support your child and school.  While you’re not required to go to meetings, it’s an excellent way to learn about what is going on in your school, meet other parents, receive help and resources to support learning at home, and learn to advocate effectively.  Ask them how you can help advocate!
  • Join your school’s accountability team!  They always need volunteers and the information presented in these committees coupled with your ability to advocate for the children of your school is one of the most effective ways to become knowledgeable and help create the best environment for your children.
  • Take the time to read the newsletters and emails you receive!  Volunteers and staff work very hard to get information out to you so you can effectively support your student at home and become a part of your community.
  • Sit close to your child as they bring home assignments.  When you ask “what did you do today?” and receive a meaningless answer, all of the tools above coupled with sitting close to your child, will ensure that you receive that information and your child will realize that you support his/her education.  Keep asking the questions and keep showing up to school events!
  • Contact Support Jeffco Kids at admin@supportjeffcokids.org to participate in our efforts to inform others, read the news, learn to advocate and support your child.
  • Reach out to other parents and teachers.  Form a network and share information with each other.  Social media, email, coffee dates – whatever your prefer!


Make time!  Volunteering may or may not be on your favorite to do list, but the impacts are tremendous and your child will benefit immensely.  Your child will benefit when you engage and support his/her education.  Never assume that someone else will have time to do something, our children are the most precious people in our lives and it takes every one of us passionately working together to create the best possible reality for each child individually.


Welcome back to the classrooms!  Whether your day is filled with a boohoo or high fives and a wahoo, we have something very important in common; we all Support Jeffco Kids!  To do that, we need to work together to advocate for our children.  Join in today!