Ballots Are Here!

Please make sure you vote and don’t forget to vote all the way down the ballot!

Today, there are only 7 days till Election Day, November 8th.

All of the campaigning calls, canvassers, ads, and constant political posts on social media will be behind us very soon. But, we don’t want to wake up November 9th and realize we had an opportunity to make a big difference for our Jeffco community – our students and schools – and didn’t take it.

We want to remind everyone how important it is to vote. And, while everyone seems super-focused on the presidential elections, we can’t impress upon you enough the importance of our local elections, especially our School Funding initiatives, 3A and 3B – at the end of your ballot.



If you haven’t already done so, take a moment to fill out your ballot and mail it or drop it off today.   You can check here for ballot drop-off information or voting information.

If you’ve already voted and you want to check to make sure your ballot has been received, here’s a link to the Secretary of State website:

If you’d like more information about some of the local races, you can see our SJK Endorsements here.

And, last, but not least, if you have a couple of hours, please consider spending that time working to support our Jeffco Schools, 3A and 3B , knocking on doors or making phone calls reminding neighbors and community members to vote.