Ballots Are Coming!

Ballots are out this week! Many of you have already received yours!

Ballots are being mailed to voters this week.   You can find great resources with election information on the SJK website including: where and how you can register to vote, and voting and ballot drop-off locations. We even provided some rules regarding electioneering.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, the Blue Book is out now!   And it’s big!


It has lots of good, detailed information. But please don’t let the size of the Blue Book intimidate you.


We urge you to take a few moments now and see what your ballot will look like. You can see your sample ballot (based on your name, birthdate, and address) by going to either of these two links below.

For your specific ballot, please use My Voter Look-up


What about 3A and 3B?

We found them on page 2 of the sample ballots for voters living in Arvada.   Due to the various local elections in other cities, the location of 3A and 3B may be slightly different. So, take a moment and check out your own specific Sample Ballot.

Of course, a visual always helps!