Back to School with Safe2Tell

Please tell your students to download the Safe2Tell app. We say this over and over again. Why?

Suicide threats, bullying, drugs, cutting, depression, planned school attack, child abuse, cyber-bullying, harassment…and the list goes on. 5,821 reports in just one year.

Check out the 2015-2016 report from Safe2Tell –

The numbers are staggering. Safe2Tell is one small resource we can all use to help out.

Some children talk to their parents and some don’t. Safe2Tell is a valuable resource and has absolutely saved lives. The information our children have reported has stopped suicides, stopped attacks, helped families realize there were issues, and put a stop to abuse. Though there are some instances were it is used inappropriately, every life saved is reason to continue the work.

SJK Junior Rep Morgan shows you how easy it is to download and be ready to use. Just in 8th grade, Morgan has already encountered concerning situations and, thankfully, knows exactly what to do to protect her friends.

Enter your password for downloading and then go to the next video for more!


This is your own unique passcode just for the Safe2Tell app. It allows you to follow up on reports that you have submitted OR to give more details later.


It’s anonymous to ensure no one will retaliate or be upset with you for submitting a report. This comes in handy if you’re an employee who is concerned about a student, you’re a PTA representative and don’t want repercussions to your organization for sharing your concern, or you’re a student who knows something bad is happening to a friend and you want to help make it stop.

Here’s to an extra safe 2017-2018 school year for all!