Attorney Invoice and Contract

Since the attorney contract has still not appeared on the Jeffco Schools Transparency website, we submitted a CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) request to see if the invoices from the Law Offices of Brad Miller have been submitted to Jeffco Schools.


Following, you will find the Invoices for December 2013 and January 2014.   December’s invoice was for $3,750.00 with a “discount” of $757.50, with total due of $2992.50.  The January invoice was $14,261.00 with a “discount” of $6761.00, with total due being $7500.00. 


All information as to what tasks, services, or consultations this new attorney is providing are blacked out noting attorney-client privilege.   Also worth noting are the dates of the itemized services, our board seems to be in need of services nearly every day.  During the month of January alone, with 31 days in the month, services were rendered on nearly every day.


Brad Miller Invoices December and January


Interesting to note, there is no “discount” mentioned within the terms of the attorney contract dated December 13, 2013 – also received via a CORA request prior to information being made available to the public.  Additionally, on both page 2 and 3 of the January invoice, there is a rate amount of $205.00 per hour while the contract terms state rates only of $225.00 for Brad A. Miller, $200.00 per hour for Dustin R. Sparks, and Paralegal/Legal Assistant rate of $100.00.  The contract is included below for your convenience.


Brad Miller Contract


While we appreciate the “discount” being applied so it can instead go to services that benefit the children of Jeffco Schools, we wonder how long our district will receive the benefit of this “discount” and where this comes from.  Had this discount not been applied, the fees would have amounted to more than double the retainer amount that has previously been reported.