Are you participating?

If you’re not involved and advocating yet, there’s a problem. The “reform” organizations are still active.

We received notice of this event being hosted by the Colorado Christian University in Lakewood a few weeks ago.  CCU supported Witt, Newkirk, and Williams (WNW), the three “Reformer” school board members in Jeffco who were recalled last November.

Here’s the video –

We found the list of speakers/presenters interesting and wondered if that alone doesn’t say plenty about CCU’s idea of “reform” in public education.  At the risk of raising some bad memories, we thought we’d share this information.

Immediately, our eyes were drawn to the 3rd name listed as a presenter.   Brad Miller, who was hired in Jeffco by WNW shortly after they took office.  His hire, as seen here on Transparency Jeffco’s video:, was controversial, to say the least.  He was hired solely to represent the board and the manner in which he was hired violated board policies and state sunshine laws.

As a matter-of-fact, Miller’s hire in the Thompson Valley School District happened in a similar fashion only a day or two before his hire in Jeffco, and his hire in Jeffco was announced by the then Thompson Valley school board president and subsequently reported by the Reporter-Herald

Kerrigan then revealed that a contract had already been drawn up by a Colorado Springs-based law firm that currently represents Jefferson County schools.

As provided in CCU’s announcement below, Miller is legal counsel for more than 20 charter schools.  On his own website  (, it’s noted Mr. Miller was appointed as a board member to Colorado Charter School Institute by the commissioner of Education; and was elected as a board member to the Colorado League of Charter Schools.

Listed as the second speaker/presenter is the Independence Institute’s Pam Benigno. We hope we don’t need to remind everyone of the TV ad time the II bought on behalf of recalled Jeffco school board member Julie Williams.  That fact alone should give you pause and an idea of how the II defines education reform.

And last, but certainly not least is Dean Debora Scheffel, Dean and Professor of Education at Colorado Christian University and State School Board member.  Scheffel is running for re-election this year – she represents CD6.  The state board has been criticized by it’s own former chair for their bipartisan dysfunction, of which she has played a significant role along with Chair Durham.

So why bring all this up now? We want to remind everyone who fought so hard to take Jeffco back from WNW after two very difficult and damaging years of reckless decisions, and a serious lack of transparency, accountability and ethics, that our work to make the change doesn’t end with election day November, 2015.  It needs to be an on-going effort by parents, community members and voters staying engaged. This event isn’t just an innocent coincidence.  It’s intended as a rallying call.


Again, watch the video – it IS about local control. You’re local, so you’re going to have to speak up and get involved.


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