Are You In?

Community help and unity goes a long way. It makes the lives of our children so much better. Whether it is through joining the PTA to create enrichment programs, donating to area organizations, advocating for our kids collectively, or simply helping to spread awareness of programs that positively impact our community.

One such group, Serving Kids, has been supporting Jeffco kids for 20 years now. They supply clothing for children in need. Imagine the impact they have on 293 homeless children and 1300 kids overall in Jeffco (that we know about!) This is the positive difference that 32 people made this year. Read about their work below –


We are in our 20th year of Serving Kids in Jeffco Schools.  This school year our 32 volunteers collected, shopped for, organized and delivered 24,906 clothing items to 120 schools or Jeffco programs for 1,325 Jeffco kids (293 were homeless).  These 32 volunteers worked 1,953.5 hours to accomplish these miracles. (This is a conservative number of hours, as volunteers often don’t list all of their hours.)  The attachment has the details for this year and for many years.

Thanks to all of you who work in the Serving Kids program and to those who support our efforts.  No one would have guessed 20 years ago that Serving Kids would have the efficient operation that Jeffco retirees have created.  We began in my garage, moved to a small, dark space at the rear of the 809 Quail warehouse, then to a metal temp (unheated without water) behind the warehouse, to temps at Manning, Glennon Heights, and now to Devinny Elementary. Each move was a challenge, but we feel fortunate now to have room to organize clothing and to send it to more than 1300 students.

 Nancy Hoffmaster



Jonna and Shawna both feel strongly about sharing the work of organizations like Serving Kids and the Action Center, which is why we will again be having our school supply drive (dates coming soon.) We have kids who want to again help so they’ll have their lemonade stand, probably with cookies, to invite your donations to help other students in Jeffco.

We ask that in the coming weeks, as you go shopping, you think about those 1300 kids and their families who are wondering how they are going to make it through another year. Those kids who won’t be going shopping for school clothes. Those kids who will show up for the first day of school with no supplies. It’s embarrassing to show up without your homework done for most kids, imagine what our neediest kids go through.

Can you pick up some extra new socks or underwear? Do you have clothing in good condition that could be donated to another child as new? Can you afford a couple extra notebooks? Extra set of crayons? Pencils? Binders? Can you do this over the next 2 weeks and then prepare to come visit us and drop those off so we can donate a happy bundle to these organizations from all of us, as SJK making a difference together?

What do you think, Jeffco? Can you do it? What can we do together to Support Jeffco Kids?


There are thousands of us. Are you in?