Anything at Any Time!

We are fortunate to have really wonderful schools that are nationally recognized and that have continued serving kids, doing more with less for years. Parents who have been involved for years have had their children graduate and have moved on to other things in their lives. It’s time for the current generation of Jeffco parents and community supporters to step up and advocate for kids in a big way.

Jeffco, we really need to start talking. And sharing with others. Our beloved Jeffco Schools have reached a critical time of need because of neglect in school funding. It’s a statewide problem. We have the ability to work together to solve this and there just aren’t enough people helping.

While we’re grateful that our article on the myths was so widely shared and received, we also noticed one other item that was widely shared:

Here’s the only post that seems to have reached people:


But, even though more than 11,000 people saw it, we still need volunteers to get out and do the work because more than 70% of voters aren’t on social media and some don’t have a clue that 3A and 3B will even be on the ballot. Those voters can’t read what’s in your head and they don’t know how great the needs are.

YOU can change that!

We’ve shared this link with you previously –

We’ve talked about the “what’s in it for me and my school” items. But we need to have a serious conversation about what happens if 3A and 3B don’t pass. On that page, there’s a list:

The Board of Education would have to direct staff how to decrease the budget. Some possible impacts:

  • School closures and consolidations

  • Split schedules

  • Year round schools

  • Changing boundaries and transportation radius

  • Limited ability to meet basic deferred maintenance

  • Continuing to lose great staff

  • Larger class sizes

  • Higher fees for parents

  • Lack of resources for student learning

  • Cutting programs and opportunities for students

For those of you who didn’t want your schools closed or consolidated, you need to volunteer. For those of you who appreciate our great teachers, who have been leaving to go to other districts due to pay being so much lower in Jeffco, you need to volunteer. For those of you who are bothered by paying fees, there will be more increases if you don’t volunteer.

As we’ve learned, once programs get cut, we don’t get them back for our kids. That’s a huge educational detriment for the futures of our children. What do you want to cut? Where do you think cuts can be made? Several of our friends hate that we have limited recess and shortened lunch periods, those are all factors in funding.

If you want more, we have to do more. Do parents today realize all of the things their children are not getting since cuts began in 2009? Does the community realize we are doing more with less and have been for years? Are you sharing with others that our graduates today are receiving fewer services than students who graduated before 2009?

When you pay that $100 or $200 or $400 for student fees for your kids or when you walk door to door selling cookie dough to your neighbors, do you realize that parents before you never had to do this to fund the basics of their children’s education?


If you’re retired and just no longer have children in schools, do you realize that the neighborhood schools impact your property values and your future quality of life? When you hear someone say that they’re done paying because they no longer have kids in schools, do you ask them to reimburse the district for the education that others before them paid for? We all need to Pay It Forward!

The following is a video that volunteers from 2012 put together, but it’s just as true today as it was then.

One mom who has been involved for a very long time wrote this on Facebook: I attended the Ralston Valley High School Accountability meeting last night and the outlook for the high school is also pretty dismal if the 3A/3B Mill/Bond doesn’t pass. RV High School will undoubtedly be looking at a split schedule where students have to attend at staggered times during the day. This could impact sports because some students with have late classes that conflict with sports practice and game schedules. There are also lots of assistance programs for students during off blocks and 2 times per week in the morning before school. A staggered schedule would wreck havoc with these sessions that are used by struggling students and high achieving students alike.

Some of you may remember Pomona and other communities experiencing year round school schedules in the late 80’s due to staggered schedules. Some of you may remember Arvada West High School had staggered schedules for students prior to the 2004 Mill/Bond passing to expand the school. Those A-West parents fought hard to pass the 2004 mill/bond because these staggered schedules were extremely detrimental to their kids. I’m sad that Ralston Valley is now facing these same staggered schedules if the Mill/Bond doesn’t pass.

Parents before us worked very hard to make a mill and bond happen for their students. Now, it’s our turn.

Please start talking to everyone you know to get the word out that the 3A/3B Mill/Bond has to pass!!!!!

Volunteer, it’s important! Don’t wait. Don’t think about it. When you gave birth to those kids, you know you fell in love with them instantly and resolved that you would do anything at any time for them.

Anything at any time is happening right now. Volunteer!

We can do it, Jeffco! But we need your help!

Support Jeffco Kids!