Another Mom Shares Her Experience and Pride

Civil disobedience is alive and well at Arvada West High School!  As a parent of a senior, I’ve witnessed the students rally around a cause and take a stand for what they firmly believe is injustice – and that makes me proud and humble, and a little nervous to be honest. 


As I understand it, over 500 students (out of a school of 1750 total population) walked out of school after 2nd period today, many to grab picket signs and protest the unfair practices of the current Jeffco School Board majority.  They were strongly encouraged to not protest by the school administration, but those who did walk out believe there are bigger issues at stake than just one day’s education.  Even those who stayed in classes for various reasons (ineligibility for after-school activities being a major factor) were sad they couldn’t join their friends in protest. 


Their biggest issue:  The reformation of the current curriculum for their AP US History classes – meaning they may no longer be able to take that class for college credit. 


The other key issue: unfair treatment of their beloved teachers who are now facing a pay package that will, even by our superintendent’s own admission, leave senior teachers running to other districts who pay better.  As my own son said, “I just want our teachers to be treated well and respected for the jobs they’re doing!”