Anne Frank and a List

So there’s a mom out there who wants names. She’s a taxpayer (ME TOO!) and she’s been mad since 2014 that some teachers at 4 high schools (out of 154 schools) called in sick to protest our recalled board member’s proposal to edit US History to pretend we didn’t have negative historical issues in our beloved country and that same recalled board member’s position that sex education (growing and changing) shouldn’t be taught.

She wants to use the names to make sure that HER kids don’t end up in a classroom where a teacher (trained professional) who disagrees with modifying history might be teaching or where certain body parts might be mentioned. She, as a taxpayer, pays their salaries (in reality, not even close. Our taxes are so low they couldn’t actually fund a para who would be living in poverty on their salary alone.)

Regardless, the Court ruled that the names of those teachers who called in sick will be released.

That includes at least one teacher who missed work due to having cancer, that we know of. Who knows how many were actually sick, had a doctor’s appointment, went to a funeral, had a sick kid, etc.? What about those who didn’t miss work but were in full support but couldn’t miss work due to other obligations, not being able to afford a sick day, were saving days for another family obligation, had to attend a conference, saved days because they knew their own children would get sick, or were too scared to do so? What about administrators who also supported this but didn’t speak up because they are at will employees?

That list means nothing and she could end up targeting innocent people who serve our children daily! Without listening to their experience, she could very well deprive her own children of services that would be valuable to their futures.

If you stop to think about it, it’s actually pretty amazing that some of our teachers cared enough to take a personal risk and advocate for what they believed was right for our children – and our tax dollars would have paid them for their chosen days either way because that’s how employment works. Thank goodness there are still people in this world who were willing to take personal risk to stand up for their profession and what they believed was right for the students they love! And they do love them!

Otherwise, we’d be avoiding school and supporting hate groups that the same recalled board member advertised as something people should join.

We are so very grateful to those teachers who decided to take a stand against hate! We are grateful to those who supported but couldn’t take a day off! We will be happy to hug those teachers who proudly put themselves at risk to “do the right thing” and bring attention to an issue that was recognized nationally, embarrassing our beloved Jeffco!


And to “that mom” – come on, get a grip. We challenge you to a year of Random Acts of Kindness every day! You shouldn’t ever target anyone for their beliefs. Chances are, based on election results, your neighbors and friends supported their efforts and those same people are ensuring YOUR kids are safe all day long and nurtured to their full potential. 65% of voters, that’s speaking LOUDLY.

We all pay taxes, too. So do teachers, so apparently they also pay their own salaries. They’re real people, with real families, and real kids of their own. Thank goodness they take the time to advocate for our kids to give them the best! Thank goodness they took 3% paycuts to attempt to keep statewide cuts away from our kids! Thank you, Jeffco staff – ALL of you!

Anne Frank and her family had to live in an attic for months without nutrition or light to save their own lives for their beliefs, because they were on a list, and they all died anyway because they were “discovered.” Hopefully, that isn’t what you want with your “list.” Another great historical fact that we, hopefully, will NEVER repeat, because it’s wrong to treat humans that way. We’ll stand up for you getting your list – will you stand up for kids and teachers who tried to do what they thought was best for your children?

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