An Advocacy Victory for Kids

You probably remember our posting on the first day of school regarding the classroom with 37 children at one of our elementary schools.  The story attracted a tremendous amount of attention, including contact from several reporters and many parents across Jeffco.  Since then, we’ve also learned of many others in the same situation around Jeffco.  While there are also some schools with smaller class sizes, every day of instructional time counts for our students and their environment matters.


We are very happy to report that due to the advocacy of parents, these 37 won a small but very important battle.  


The school reported to parents “we have been working with Facilities Management to provide relief for the large class size in terms of physical space.  As of Monday, we will be removing the wall between room 6 and room 5 to create  essentially a ‘double room’.  This will allow students to be in a more comfortable learning environment.  In terms of academics, we will be providing co-teachers and EA support, especially during Writing and Math. We believe that this change along with additional academic support  will provide your student with the highest quality education possible.”


While this solution could have arrived prior to students arriving on Monday, the students will benefit once this situation is resolved with the plans outlined above.  (Hurry, please!)  They’ll have space, light, and a better ratio of teachers to students.  If anyone has any doubts as to how effective using your voice is and collaborating with others to advocate, remember this example.


As always, you can contact us at – we always welcome your stories and partnership to ensure that we are working together to Support Jeffco Kids.  ALL Jeffco Kids!