Amazing AWRSAY

AWRSAY has recognized 1194 youth for overcoming adversity

“The organization’s purpose is to ensure teenagers who otherwise might go unrecognized, yet have overcome adversity, receive public praise, educational and on-going opportunities to help them achieve their potential. “

“Adversity” is the keyword here and in many cases over the years, some of the youngsters and teens saw hardships that included extreme physical disabilities, physical abuse, parents who may have deserted them, endured addictions, or were incarcerated, and homelessness and or extreme poverty. This is an incomplete list of what many of our Jeffco students endure on a daily basis. Quite often, a teacher, counselor, or school resource officer has noticed the student and nominated he/she for this recognition. As the students often express during the ceremony, this bit of recognition and expression of caring goes a long way.

Since 2001, AWRSAY has recognized over 1,000 deserving youth, provided over 300 Scholarships to attend Red Rocks Community College and it is completely Community Driven with leadership coming from the various service clubs in Arvada and Wheat Ridge.  This is an all-volunteer program and has tremendous community and business support!

This year:

“More than 100 teenagers who have overcome various forms of adversity were recognized …at a ceremony in April at Wheat Ridge High School.  Scholarship awards to Red Rocks Community College and recognition certificates were presented by the students’ nominators and school principals. In addition, Congressman Ed Perlmutter has arranged to have the names of the youth printed in the Congressional Record…”

AWRSAY is entirely volunteer-driven. We encourage you to become involved by nominating a deserving youth or supporting AWRSAY through funding, mentoring, or youth employment.

You can nominate a student here:

At their 7th Annual “Get It Done!” luncheon, the organization welcomed and thanked its supporters and partners – 20 service organizations and community agencies; and shared a couple of success stores from students who received scholarships and are making or have made great changes in their lives.

We’d like to give a shout out to these individuals and organizations who sponsored the luncheon.

Arvada Vitality Alliance
The Northey Foundation
Doris Stipech State Farm
Custom Environmental Services
Lakeside Insurance
Mike & Mary Ellen Litzau
Jeffco Schools
First Bank of Arvada
Personal Benefit Services
Jill & Ken Fellman
Hereford Percy
Kelly & Chris Johnson
And, of course, Red Rocks Community College Foundation