All the form letters in the world will not address our concerns

Dear Dan,


You’re not getting this. It was wrong and inappropriate and Jeffco Schools HAS done this with less than a week’s notice previously. No matter how many Op-Eds you or the political interventionists enter into YourHub, it doesn’t make your statements true. The security staff is ALWAYS prepared and ready; perhaps it’s the new hires you’ve made who aren’t capable…


Oh, and one more thing, Dan, stop hiring people from political groups to fill the empty positions. Have a backbone and step up all the way. Boards will come and Boards will go. Ethically speaking, you’re supposed to be there for 86,000 children. Surely that was covered in the position description of Superintendent.


We Support Jeffco Kids,

The Jeffco Community


SJK Co-Founder wrote her letter to Superintendent McMinimee and the Board of Education members about her embarrassment for Jeffco Schools.  See email below:


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From: J. Levine <>
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Sent: Mon, May 18, 2015 1:31 pm
Subject: Disappointing the Jeffco School District refuses to host the governor for a bill signing

I’m so embarrassed!  I cannot believe Jeffco Schools told the Governor’s office to come back in the fall!?!
I’ve always been proud to flaunt that Jeffco Schools was the Gold Standard when it came to security.   Is this true:  a week’s notice wasn’t enough time?
I look forward to your response.
UPDATE, 5/18/15: McMinimee wasn’t available for comment at this time, but Lisa Pinto, chief communications officer for the JeffCo public schools said:
For your information, the governor’s visit was unanticipated and it was a tremendous honor, but unfortunately, a week did not give us time to cover his security needs and figure out logistics for our students who are in final exams, and of course we have graduation on Wednesday, too. We would welcome the JeffCo delegation and the governor here in the fall to see all the innovative things we’re doing here at JeffCo schools and see our incredible staff and students at work. And the fall would be better because students wouldn’t be distracted by exams or graduation.
JeffCo superintendent won’t host governor’s bill signing…

Jefferson County public schools Superintendent Dan McMinimee told Governor John Hickenlooper’s office and Colorado lawmakers that they’re a security risk and…
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Note who Dan responds to, other than Ms. Levine:  Lisa Pinto aka “Communications Chief” and for credibility, apparently, he includes the Director of School Safety and Security. Also note that this same letter is being sent as a “response” to anyone who dares to voice a concern.


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Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 6:12 AM

Subject: RE: Disappointing the Jeffco School District refuses to host the governor for a bill signing


Ms. Levine,

Thank you for your email expressing your concerns.  I am sorry you feel embarrassed.  This was not a question of value of observing the democratic process nor meant to disrespect the Governor or any Legislators.  It was a matter of timing and safety and security as we try to finish off the school year.

This is the busiest week of the year for students and staff because of finals, graduations and end of year projects. There is a safety and security concern with having 1500 kids in a building taking finals and a visit of this magnitude would be a challenge to manage.  When Lakewood did the Katy Perry concert, they began planning with Good Morning America and the Police Department at least a month before the event.

It would be difficult to manage visit of this scale on short notice, especially around 8 -8:30am when students are starting their day.  The last bill signed in Jeffco at Kendrick Lakes on May 15 of 2014 was done at a 400 student elementary school at the end of the day. Lakewood has 2000 students.  (1500 at this time as Seniors are done)

An event such as this requires additional security that takes away from our other buildings. I was told by our security team that the last time we hosted a signing it took 3 of our patrol officers off of their rounds for three hours.

Here is the Post article in which I explain my position:

Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Dan McMinimee said Monday that the district is in no way “snubbing” the governor or lawmakers in deciding to not play host to the event.

“It was timing,” he said, noting that the 8:30 a.m. start time for the ceremony coincides with one of the busiest times of the school day and busiest times of the school year, with graduations and testing in full swing.

“If it was at 2:30 in the afternoon, we might be having a different conversation,” McMinimee said.

He said the primary mission of the district is student safety and that trying to hold a public ceremony featuring the governor at the start of the school day would stretch security staff at the district’s 154 other schools.

I hope this helps to address your concerns.  Thank you again for your email.


Dan McMinimee


Jeffco Public Schools


PS – all the form letters in the world will not address our concerns.