AHS Grad Reports Disturbing Incident

We received the following information from a former Arvada High School student.  We are deeply saddened to hear of this happening and know that Arvada High School is an excellent school where many students have been recognized for outstanding academic merit, including Boettcher Scholarships, Daniel’s Scholarships, and an extremely successful program where students receive college credits while still attending high school.  Additionally, we know that the staff of AHS is extremely supportive of their students and the school displays a very welcoming, community atmosphere.


Here is the report from our AHS graduate:

On Saturday, July 5th, I was walking home through Olde Town Arvada.  There are occasionally petitioners in front of the public library but this time a woman stopped me on the corner of 57th and Olde Wadsworth.   Because she mentioned a poll regarding the debates of the Board of Education, I decided to participate.


On the form there was a section asking if you attended/are attending a Jeffco High School and which school.   When I finished writing Arvada High School into the box, she took the form out of my hands and scratched out my name and information.  I asked why and according to her, the education I received at Arvada High School was poor and therefore, I don’t have the capacity to understand what’s going on in the district. 


I asked her to repeat who she was and the group she represented but she told me that if I continued to interrogate her, I’d be charged with some form of harassment. 


In Jeffco Schools, we have a solid tradition of excellence and are saddened that such an incident took place.  If anyone else experiences such an occurrence, we would appreciate a notification regarding the organization that is conducting business in this way.  Send us an email at admin@supportjeffcokids.org, please!


In the meantime, we are proud of Arvada High School’s staff, students, and community.  We applaud your many efforts to meet the needs of your students!