AFP Pushing Vouchers

It seems Michael Fields and Americans for Prosperity (AFP) get up in the morning thinking about us. Here’s a tweet Fields sent out this morning (9/8) where he’s tagged Shawna out of the blue.

A couple of us joined in the conversation, pointing out to Fields that Colorado voters are smarter than that. ESAs are not all that well thought of – Arizona voters actually worked to get the question on the ballot so they could remove them.


We want to remind our readers, it would not be beyond our legislature to vote to implement ESAs, Vouchers, Tax Credits, or Scholarships – any of those tools to privatize public education. We see bills carried by some Colorado legislators who bring them forward every year.


Just last session, Representative Kim Ransom and Senator Kevin Lundberg joined together to sponsor Senate Bill 17-039 Education Income Tax Credits For Nonpublic School:

“The bill establishes a private school tuition income tax credit for income tax years commencing on or after January 1, 2018, that allows any taxpayer to claim a credit when the taxpayer enrolls a dependent qualified child in a private school or the taxpayer provides a scholarship to a qualified child for enrollment in a private school and the private school issues the taxpayer a credit certificate for either enrolling a dependent qualified child in the private school or providing a scholarship to a qualified child for enrollment in the private school…”

In 2016, those same two legislators sponsored SB16-154 Tax Credits For Nonpublic Education. The bill had additional co-sponsorship by: Marble, Neville T., Baumgardner, Grantham, Scheffel, and Woods.

2015 Kevin Lundberg sponsored SB15-045 providing for scholarship tax credits for parents of students entering private schools for the first time.

He also sponsored SB14-033 in 2014 – Tax credits for Nonpublic Education.

In 2013, SB 069 Nonpublic Educational Tax Credit was co-sponsored by a long list of legislators –


Senator Marble, Senator Harvey, Senator Lundberg, Senator Lambert, Senator Balmer, Senator Baumgardner, Senator Brophy, Senator Cadman, Senator Crowder, Senator Grantham, Senator Hill, Senator Renfroe, Senator Scheffel, Representative Holbert, Representative Buck, Representative Nordberg, Representative Swalm, Representative Priola, Representative Everett, Representative DelGrosso, Representative Joshi, Representative Saine, Representative Wright


If you saw the name of your legislator as co-sponsor for any of the bills above, you need to tell them today where you stand.

Legislators are working with lobbyists, supporters, and their legislative teams right now to decide what kind of legislation they want to carry in the 2018 legislative session. January is just around the corner.

People need to reach out now to let their legislators know what they expect, what they will support and what they won’t tolerate.

Let’s make sure we prove Michael Fields wrong, Colorado should not be next to accept ESAs– and let’s make sure we send that same message to our 2018 legislative body.

They work for you, not lobbyists like AFP! Speak up!