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Press Release from Taxpayers For Public Education on the DougCo Voucher Program:

(Douglas County, CO March 16, 2016) Taxpayers for Public Education (TFPE), on behalf of the taxpayers and public school students and parents of the Douglas County School District (“DCSD”), condemns the district’s latest attempt to send public money to private schools. The school board last night, passed the “School Choice Grant Program,” a voucher system that will continue to siphon badly needed funding from the district and its students and classrooms.

“The voucher program is illegal and unconstitutional, and is bad for the taxpayers, students and parents of the Douglas County School District,” said Cindy Barnard, TFPE President


We (Support Jeffco Kids) stand with these DougCo parents.   We’d like to remind our Jeffco Community and those in the Thompson Valley Community, had we not made the much needed change in our school boards last November, we would be following suit. In Jeffco, especially, WNW followed the DougCo school board’s every step.


Sadly, this demonstrates the power of bad school boards.   We’d like to invite you to share this far and wide, because, in the end, it impacts all of Colorado, not just DougCo.  As stated in this press release: “… every dollar used in the voucher program is a dollar taken away from public schools


We’d like to call on other Colorado Parent Advocacy groups, including Great Education Colorado and Colorado PTA to join us in drawing attention to and taking a public stand in condemning the Douglas County School Board for this attempt to rob Colorado public school students of funding


For further reference, here’s the Colorado School Finance Project’s Seven Years of School Funding Cuts 2009-2016   to see how much funding your school district has lost.   In Jeffco, $481 million; in Douglas County, almost $361 million


Share this information with everyone you know! $5 Billion dollars taken away from kids is a huge impact that we will see for years to come!