Administrator Perspective

Sharing a perspective from a Jeffco administrator – with permission from the author. This is written in response to an AFP supporter on NextDoor.

Sorry, can’t hold my tongue any longer. I very much respect XXX’s views and the way they were expressed. However, this is most certainly about governance, even more than policy. A recall is not justified simply because one agrees or disagrees with decisions made. As a parent and Jeffco principal, I can attest to the intensely negative effect that these board members have had on our district, precisely because of how they govern.

I would estimate that 95+% of our 12,000 employees feel devalued and disenfranchised, and morale is very low. It is not a union thing. I also take issue with the view that prior board members and Cindy Stevenson did not care about low achieving students; this was in fact the main conversation. These are incredibly complex issues, no different than any other large district in the country, and nothing the board has done would have had a significant effect yet one way or the other. Many of the positive changes were under way well before these three took office.

Insisting on a 10-month term for a contract that took months to negotiate is highly suspicious. Similarly, much of the supposed transparency and stakeholder representation is window dressing for predetermined decisions and behind-the-curtain conversations. Dissent is given an audience but not considered. Also, if one is making a decision based in part on integrity to the process, then the disreputable tactics and inaccurate claims of the other side must be considered as well.

Replace them with candidates that align with one’s views, conservative or otherwise, but please believe me that these board members, whether one agrees with their policies or not, whether well-intentioned or not, are not worthy of governing Jeffco and need to be relieved of their duties.