Above and Beyond

Our teachers truly change lives. If you spend any time in the schools, you’ll see the little things they do that make all the difference in the world for the students they serve. They plan engaging lessons, arrange field trips to give kids special experiences, and comfort our children when we are not around in addition to the regular workload. Earlier this week, a friend shared something special that happened to her daughter (now in high school!)


This week Regan received a letter in the mail that she had totally forgotten about. It is a letter that she wrote to herself way back in the third grade in Melissa Broaddus’ class (2010-2011 school year) at Vanderhoof Elementary.

This was the year we moved to Arvada and where Regan started attending a different school October 1st. Melissa made this transition so much easier. Her love for teaching, and respect for the students, and fun and safe classroom environment, and of course, her hamster made for a very successful year.

The envelope was even addressed to Regan in her very own 3rd grade handwriting. Melissa snail mailed these letters to their rightful owners, who are now Freshman in high school, and they are getting a great kick out of it, talking and texting each other in their amusement.

Thanks to Melissa for being an amazing teacher and influence on Regan, and me, and literally hundreds of students and families here in Arvada. We, and this community, love you!!


Research shows great teachers are the single biggest contributing factor to student achievement during the school day. Effective principals are just as critical to both student and staff success.

Kudos to Melissa Broaddus, another amazing Jeffco teacher, for going above and beyond for her students!