A Time To Give Thanks

November is the month of Thanksgiving and a great time to express our thanks and support to Board Members Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman for the many hours they have spent at the board table over the past year


…Making sure the students of Jeffco are their first priority

…Pressing for Fiscal Accountability

…Striving for constant Transparency in decision making

…Listening to the parents and community of Jefferson County

…Listening to the teachers and educators of Jefferson County

…Supporting true public education and

Supporting Jeffco’s Kids



Join Support Jeffco Kids for the December 11 Board of Education Meeting

We envision a long line of speakers, each and every one delivering a short personal note of thanks and support to both Ms. Fellman and Ms. Dahlkemper for what they do.   And for those who don’t have the opportunity to speak, we’ll bring a basket for everyone to drop their personal note in to give to them at the meeting.


Share your note of thanks to Ms. Dahlkemper and Ms. Fellman with us, Support Jeffco Kids – admin@supportjeffcokids.org, and email Ms. Dahlkemper and Ms. Fellman directly at board@jeffco.k12.co.us, OR bring your note of thanks to read aloud by signing up for public comment:  Sign up online here to speak to the Board of Education.    


Start NOW!  Please help us make this happen.   Here’s a SAMPLE short note of thanks:


Dear Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman,

I am a Parent/ Teacher/Community Member/Grandparent  in Jeffco.  I want you to know I greatly appreciate that you show up to these meetings and fight for my child, my neighbor’s child, for all of the kids of Jeffco.

Thank you both for all you do!


I Support Jeffco Kids!