A Suggested Resolution

We are delighted that we have 5 great board members serving our community and Jeffco Schools. We are grateful that they are willing to serve in a volunteer position that takes up so much time for zero pay. We have transparency and accountability in Jeffco and have enjoyed this for the past two years, thanks to a wonderful Jeffco community.

However, supporting our board and talking with them about issues – both good and bad – is still extremely important. Being elected to a school board gives them no super powers and they can’t address issues or know about everything in such a large district without your involvement in the process.

As a resolution for 2018, we’d like to suggest just a few small actions you can take to stay involved.

Go to board meetings!

  • They are generally held the 1st Thursday of each month with an additional study session the 3rd Thursday of each month as needed. You’ll find the calendar here.
  • If you can’t attend in person, watch the livestream from the comfort of your own living room or review the recording at a time when it’s convenient for you.


Read the information we put out as well as that of the district!

If you’re not comfortable but want to share something, contact us! We love to share your great Jeffco stories and we are always here to help with any concerns you might have. We want you to love Jeffco as much as we do so we’re always willing to advocate to fix what is not yet perfect or answer questions you don’t want to ask publicly!

There are no dumb questions and it’s okay to not know everything, we will always help. Everyone starts the complicated journey of understanding how education works at a different time and getting up to speed takes time. Taking the time is what matters most! Many of our legislators need to take the time as well and your involvement and advocacy helps that happen more quickly.

We take great pleasure in our relationships with staff, parents, community members, and elected officials. We have connections across Jeffco and Colorado and use those to bring information and assistance to everyone who wants to Support Jeffco Kids.