A Return to Excellence

A thank you to the new Jeffco Board of Education for discussing a disturbing issue that was created in February of 2014 when Dr. Cindy Stevenson was dismissed.


You may recall public comment by Jim Ellis, retired principal, regarding this subject that we previously shared – http://www.supportjeffcokids.org/correcting-a-serious-error/


Based on the discussion, it was clear that some rumors have developed. Here’s the actual terminology from the agreement:

February 18, 2014, the Board of Education approved the agreement for Dr. Stevenson’s early release. Paragraph #12, page 5 of 8 reads,”No continuing right of employment by the District. Dr. Stevenson agrees that she will not apply for or otherwise seek re-employment or seek to volunteer in the District, (emphasis added) including its charter schools until December 31, 2018, and that, in the event she does so, it will be a material breach of this Agreement, and the District and its charter schools will have no obligation to consider her.”


While the attorney for the district wasn’t employed by Jeffco at the time of the agreement and while he is correct that this type of language is not common but is sometimes used, it is also not the type of language that is used for an employee who has no record of improper behavior.


Prohibiting our former superintendent from volunteering in our district in this case is extremely inappropriate and was clearly just ill-will and spiteful behavior on the part of the recalled members of the board. We are grateful that this spiteful behavior toward so many members of the community is no longer the case. It was a black-eye for a district previously recognized for excellence across Colorado and the United States.


Dr. Stevenson has made it clear to anyone who asks that she has no intention or desire to take back her former position. However, she is always willing to help and still has a strong love of Jeffco. We are very appreciative of her dedication and the long hours she devoted to advocating for our schools and students.


We look forward to this correction, especially for the sake of the staff in Jeffco who have had to silently watch such atrocities while attempting to shield their own schools, children, and departments.  

We Are Jeffco!