A New Beginning

The new Board of Education for Jeffco Public Schools was sworn in last night:

President Ron Mitchell

1st Vice President Ali Lasell

2nd Vice President Susan Harmon

Secretary Amanda Stevens

Treasurer Brad Rupert



After 1 1/2 hours of public comment, the meeting was adjourned before 8pm.  Support Jeffco Kids congratulates these new board members and looks forward to a return to transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.

Here, we are sharing our public comment from last night, November 19th:


We are Support Jeffco Kids. We represent a large network of Jeffco parents, grandparents, business and community leaders, along with teachers and district staff.

On behalf of our supporters, and the many Jeffco community members who worked so hard to bring about this positive change for our school district, our students and our community, we want to take this opportunity to congratulate our new school board members as they step into their official roles for Jeffco Schools.

As you plan ahead, determine your joint priorities as a board, and develop a vision for our students and schools –

We hope you will take to heart the need to rebuild trust among our voters and community members.

Please remember the value of Transparency within which your decisions are made. We are tired of backroom deals and secret meetings.

We are fully aware our classrooms and schools will only start to realize the negative impacts from previous thoughtless fiscal decisions. We are thrilled at the prospect that finally there will be Accountability for financial decisions going forward.

We are excited to have new leadership who will value parents’ in put and respect our teachers and staff. Our community is hungry for real community engagement and outreach, not something designed to be a façade and substitute for genuine community and parental engagement.

We long to be the Jeffco School District that was once considered a leader in the state and the nation.

You have some very heavy lifting ahead of you. There are serious issues to be addressed and you all have been left to clean up a mess resulting from many careless decisions.

We want you to know Support Jeffco Kids’ mission is to educate and inform the Jefferson Community about the importance and value of public education for ALL Jeffco’s kids, and to support a school board that understands and supports a quality public education for All Jeffco’s students.

We are happy to say we truly look forward to working with you.

Congratulations and welcome!