A Mom Who Didn’t Get to Speak

We are still hearing regularly from people who weren’t able to speak at public comment.  We understand and share your frustration.  If you’d like your comments posted, please email them to us at admin@supportjeffcokids.org.
Members of the school board:
My name is Dawn Findley. I’m a concerned parent and taxpayer. I have one child currently in Jeffco schools and another two on the way. I’ve never been politically active. I keep up on events but I can’t say that I have ever campaigned for anything that I believe in. But recent actions by this school board majority have changed that. So I stand before you tonight with shaking knees and a quiver in my voice to fight for my children.
The selection of Mr. McMinimee as the lone finalist in the superintendent search is the last straw for me. When other Colorado school districts are choosing 3-4 finalists to bring to their communities, you bring us, a community ripped apart by your previous decisions, only one candidate. After conducting a $40,000 nationwide search, you want us to believe that the best candidate comes from a neighboring county; a county that has also been ripped apart, by decisions implemented by none other than Dan McMinimee.
Then you try to have the meeting to approve this lone finalist without any public comment. Only after Ms. Dahlkemper demanded a public comment period did you allow a measly 45 minutes of community commentary. When discussing charter equalization you allowed 33 speakers over an hour and a half to comment. But for the most senior position in this district you allow only 45 minutes? To further limit the public from expressing their concerns over a lone superintendent finalist, Julie Williams solicited speakers on her personal Facebook page in an attempt to drown out our voices. You were elected to represent the interests of Jefferson County, not to advance your own personal education agendas.
For people who ran on a platform of more transparency and smarter government spending, your actions are in stark contrast to your words. You spent $40,000 on a nationwide search that yielded one finalist.  As a taxpayer and parent, this angers me. Ray and Associates, the firm you hired to conduct this search, recommended you bring the community multiple candidates. They also advised you that superintendents who do not get a unanimous school board vote tend to fail in their positions. Why, then, do you bring to us only one candidate on a 3-2 school board vote?
Please, delay your vote to install Mr. McMinimee as superintendent.
Reveal to the Jeffco voters the other superintendent candidates generated from the $40,000 search and let the Jeffco community have all the facts.
Thank you for your time.