A Message for Our Teachers and Staff

The staff and leadership of Jeffco Schools has always been the key to success for our Jeffco kids.  We at Support Jeffco Kids appreciate and value the skills and heart that everyone in this district has given.  As we welcome our teachers back to school tomorrow, we wanted to send them a personal message from the co-chairs of Support Jeffco Kids.


Message from Jonna:

Have you ever noticed, anytime someone is asked about a special teacher in their life, they usually respond with a story about how a teacher helped them with a personal problem, or unlocked the door to the mystery of Algebra.   Sometimes, it’s about how a teacher showed an extra kindness when there was no one else to turn to, or saw a special gift in their student that had yet to be uncovered.   Quite often, our teachers are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting a child from abuse, homelessness or possibly hunger.   And speaking of first line of defense, did I not read earlier this year where Jeffco was training school staff how to respond in case of a threat of violence?  

Few professions require the high level of education and degree (about 80% of Jeffco teachers have their Masters Degree), in addition to the ability to draw a psychological profile, detect abuse or hunger, clean up vomit (and in some cases feces or urine).   And carry responsibility for 25-30 young lives in case of natural disaster, or God forbid, an armed intruder.  
We have come to expect so much, and our Jeffco teachers deliver.   Deliver so well, that Jeffco touts a long list of John Irwin Schools of Excellence and many other high rankings within the state and on a national basis. 
What is so amazing, is that regardless of the uncertainty around your contract, you each will begin this new school year by embracing your students just as you always have, and they will become the center of your universe for the next 9 months.  
Always Jeffco proud.  Always with great dedication and dignity.   Thank you for the greatness you bring to our schools and our community.    
We are Support Jeffco Kids, and we support Jeffco teachers!



Message from Shawna:

I had no idea that so many of you would change my life when Morgan began attending Jeffco Schools or how many new friends I would meet and welcome into my heart as family.   To each of my daughter’s teachers and paras, I am so grateful and thankful of your dedication to support ALL Jeffco kids.   I am thankful that when I drop my child off at school, not only does she receive an amazing education but I know that she is loved and cared for during every moment of her day.  I know that she has many staff members she can go to for help, advice, and hugs.  We consider each of you a part of our family.  

For the many teachers and staff who have not taught my child but have become friends through our shared advocacy efforts, I am in awe of your efforts.   Your dedication to our children is the bright light that keeps so many of us working together to do the right thing.  So many of you make my heart want to explode with happiness and, of course, bring so many happy tears as I watch you all go above and beyond the call of duty.  To each of the amazing principals we have had, thank you for always being a leader for the benefit of all kids.  Thanks for listening to my many ideas and being partners and friends in supporting our families and turning schools into communities. 

From those of you we have worked with on the 3A3B Campaign (Support Jeffco Schools) and those who just take the time to say “hello” or “thanks,” you have no idea how much of a positive impact you make in my world.   Jeffco Schools and you, have completely changed my life. 

As you go back to school, welcoming our amazing Jeffco kids and families, know that if we could change things immediately, we would.  We worked hard on the mill and bond to ensure (amongst other things) that your compensation would be restored and made a commitment that our highest priority was compensation.  Promises to our community should always be kept and you can be sure that I will always offer you respect, honesty, dedication, and commitment (and a shoulder to cry on or ear to listen whenever needed.)   I personally am very disappointed that so much time, energy and funding that could be dedicated to our children and teachers is being diverted.  I want to see our teachers awarded appropriately for their dedication, promptly!  I am proud of the past collaboration of all partners in Jeffco Schools and look forward to a day when that is returned for all of us.

Welcome back and thank you for all that you do!  There’s still much work to be done and I look forward to advocating together to Support Jeffco Kids.  I am proud to be a Jeffco Mom.  I love our community and I look forward to another year of time with you and many happy tears!  Together, we can!



From all of us at Support Jeffco Kids, we appreciate you!  We know it’s not easy to go back with so many fears.  We also know that our staff is the most amazing group in Colorado.  We know that all of you walk into your schools with passion for your jobs and every child.  Thank you to all of you who have helped us to make Support Jeffco Kids a reality!  


It is our deepest hope that our new superintendent and board majority will come to appreciate you all for the greatness you bring to our schools and our community.


Welcome back!


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