A Letter to the Board on Performance Based Pay

Dear Members of the Board,


I have recently been researching the pros and cons of using performance or merit based pay in public and government organizations ( as opposed to private) and have come to the conclusion that the education industry is most likely not a strong candidate for such a pay system. While often successful in the private sector, public employees do not fit the same mold to be motivated by such a pay system nor is the system itself sustainable when used in a limited funds situation. Employee morale and performance will decrease, making any chance of meeting your goal of academic achievements improbable.


I would ask that you respect your own accountability/transparency stance by documenting the success of performance based pay in other school districts including such important factors as employee satisfaction prior to making this change in JeffCo. Our community and teachers deserve as much.


Please use the link below to see one example of research on this topic. I’m happy to provide my other sources at your request.


Thank you for your honest and open consideration of this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Katrina Prill