A Jeffco Mom Shares Her Experience At Tonight’s Meeting

I went to Wheat Ridge High School this afternoon for an opportunity to meet our future superintendent (technically he’s the sole finalist, but we all know he’s got the job).  Needless to say, the evening did not go as we had hoped.  After Mr. McMinimee gave us an introduction to who he is & provided a summary of his background in education (you can see the clock in the background in the video – only ~15 minutes worth), he told us that he would only take questions on a one-on-one basis.  What we envisioned and wanted was an open forum where audience members could ask questions to be answered by Mr. McMinimee.  I asked for that – asked if we could take a vote to see who might be interested in taking that approach.  McMinimee refused.  It’s interesting how he keeps the focus on him and what he wants – constantly saying “this is the way I want to go.”  Definitely didn’t give us warm fuzzies that he’s going to be considering what the community wants as we move forward.  Again, don’t take my word for it – the video clips is short – see it here.
I think one of the most telling incidents was when Mr. McMinimee was asked if he could tell us what the top five budget priorities are for the Jeffco community from the budget survey (remember 13,000 people took this survey).  Here’s the video.  He could not reiterate even one of the priorities.  Please keep in mind that McMinimee’s son graduated from Columbine and his daughter currently attends Chatfield – and this is someone who just applied for the position of Jeffco superintendent – and just finished telling us repeatedly today at WRHS that he wants to hear from the community – but yet didn’t familiarize himself w/the results of this survey?  Especially when so much of board meeting public comment since the survey results came out involve the board not addressing the community’s priorities?  Hmmm.  When asked if he took the survey?  Nope!  Interesting.  

At the end of the meeting, Bob Zachman summed up where Jeffco is right now and that the community expects McMinimee to be the change agent to bring unity back to Jeffco.  Please watch his statement – it’s powerful – thanks Bob 😉  

News media was there in force today.  Here’s an article from Chalkbeat although this one doesn’t address the meet & greet today, but gives a deeper look into McMinimee.  This one from Chalkbeat talks specifically about the meet & greet today.  Here’s what the Denver Post wrote about the meet & greet.  I’m sure we’ll see more maybe tomorrow from Fox 31 & other TV news channels.

I wasn’t able to go to the board meeting pertaining to the CSEA – hope to have an update on that meeting soon…