86,000 Kids, 14,000 Staff Members, 154 Buildings, 780 Square Miles

86,000 Kids, 14,000 Staff Members, 154 Buildings, and 780 Square Miles for $4.12 per Month.

The following comment appeared after a mill and bond discussion on social media. The analogy was fantastic and we wanted to share this with you!


I just had an unplanned meeting with a gentleman at the DMV the other day. He was upset about the distribution of taxes and said that the State of Colorado collected over $159 M in auto registration taxes for roads and bridges and felt that after collecting that much money along with the revenue collected in marijuana taxes, we should have roads that are free of potholes and our bridges should be pristine.

According to CDOT, they maintain over 23,000 lane miles of roads, and 3,447 bridges throughout the state. If I divide $159M by 23,000 the result is $6,913.04 in just the road maintenance of Colorado’s roads. That means plowing in the winter, distributing magnesium chloride and sand, repairing pavement, repairing guard rails, cleaning up spills and accidents, paying the salaries of the workers who do the jobs and the materials they use to complete the work… and much more than I am representing here. That doesn’t even touch the expenses for bridges.

My point is an analogy, really. When we look at money as a lump sum, it sounds like an unimaginable fortune. But, when it is distributed to the purposes for which it is intended, it becomes quite diluted.

I know the amount of the Mill and Bond sound like an incredible fortune, but it really is needed to meet the needs of our district. Investing in our district is an investment in our students and their future.

Please help teachers in public and charter schools meet the ever-changing needs of students and update our buildings. Please support the mil and bond measures that will appear on the November ballot. Thanks!


86,000 Kids, 14,000 Staff Members, 154 Buildings, and 780 Square Miles for $4.12 per Month.

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