$600,000 Moves Away From Students For More Management

We know Colorado schools are severely underfunded. Even with that basic fact, Adams 14 now has to deal with finding and diverting  $600,000 from their budget and away from classrooms to pay for an external manager.


Although the state ordered that the district hand over management to a third party, following years of low performance, the order doesn’t come with money. Many community members have been wondering where the funds will come from.”

Here’s the full article from ChalkBeat – https://www.chalkbeat.org/posts/co/2018/12/03/adams-14-looking-for-grants-first-as-they-prepare-to-pay-an-external-manager/?fbclid=IwAR2p71_GzuA6ple7ZLgHtCo-8kKckaFAT22wSOvXZH3cBIrYn9HwpkkLTPI

“Colorado Department of Education officials would not comment on applications under review, but said that districts like Adams 14 that are following State Board directives receive priority for what the state calls Transformation grant dollars.”

We’ve been asking our schools to do more with less for years now. What might have happened if the district had just been given a grant to purchase more interventionists instead of spending more money on management and diverting those funds from student learning? Imagine receiving $600,000 for interventionists to directly serve students to ADD to a total budget of $130,000,000!

In this instance, while they hope for grants, Adams 14 plans to divert money originally proposed for curriculum.

“One innovative idea we have not tried yet is actually funding our schools.”