More info on 3A3B

Do you want to learn more about the mill and bond (3A 3B) for Jeffco Schools? Here are some resources for you:

Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp’s town hall meeting will be held on Saturday, Sept. 17,  10:30am-12pm at Standley Lake library. District staff and Supt. McMinimee will be there to provide info and answers.

Also, visit the campaign website FAQ page:


Will 3A and 3B benefit all Jeffco schools?

Yes, 3A and 3B will benefit neighborhood, option and public charter schools.

Will 3A and 3B impact Jeffco’s ability to attract and retain good teachers?

Yes. A good teacher in the classroom can make all the difference in a student’s success. 3A will allow us to attract and retain high quality teachers and staff.  In Jeffco, our teachers took a pay cut to help balance the district’s budget, and most are bringing home less today than in 2008 due to health insurance costs. We must have a competitive compensation system to ensure we don’t lose our well-trained and highly effective teachers to other school districts.

Will student safety and security be impacted?

Yes. 3A and 3B will allow us to upgrade safety and security in school buildings as well as increase student security resources including additional counselors and student support professionals inside and outside the classroom, school safety education and liaisons to police, fire, and 911 dispatch centers.

Will Jeffco finally be able to address much needed repairs and upgrades in our schools long overdue?

Yes. The average school building in Jefferson County is 45 years old. Many of the heating and cooling systems, boilers, and plumbing are out-dated and inefficient. The district could save tens of thousands of dollars on utility bills, if we make investments in upgrading to more efficient systems. 3A and 3B will allow the district to make these much needed repairs.

If 3A and 3B pass in November, will the money stay in Jeffco?

Yes.  3A and 3B will directly benefit Jeffco students. Dollars will be spent on and will not leave the district.

Can’t Jeffco just ask the state for more dollars?

No. Unfortunately, the state has no more dollars to give.  We cannot wait for the state to find a solution and continue the level of excellence citizens expect from Jeffco schools.

What happened to the marijuana money? 

JEFFCO has received no funds from the marijuana tax. According to Chris Stiffler, an economist for the Colorado Fiscal Institute: “By law, the first $40 million of the state excise tax collections goes to fund capital improvements for schools in rural areas, where it’s much harder to raise money to fix roofs, replace air conditioning systems or build an annex.    …none of the money collected on marijuana goes for operating costs in school districts. The remaining pot tax revenue that doesn’t go to fix rural schools goes to marijuana education, treatment, regulation and enforcement programs.

The pot revenue hasn’t offset big cuts in K-12 funding that have occurred in recent years as a result of the so-called “negative factor” that has reduced school funding by $800 million below the level of where it was before the cuts.  Colorado has dropped from 23rd in per pupil funding in 1992 to 40th now, and our per pupil funding is now $2,000 below the national average.”

How much will 3A and 3B cost?

Issues 3A and 3B will cost approximately $4.12 per month per $100,000 of home value. This will cost the average homeowner in Jeffco approximately $11.70 a month.