Support Our Teachers

We at Support Jeffco Kids, believe it’s important for the Community to support our teachers Monday as they attend the April 7 Open Bargaining Session!   We are making arrangements to show up with some water and snacks, and invite anyone who has the time (3:15 pm is about the time we plan to be there) to join us.  If you know of others who support their teachers feel free to invite them to join us, as well.
From Thursday’s (April 3) Board of Ed Meeting Notes:
The Budget Conversation around Compensation:
Budget Priorities
The board reviewed select items on a spreadsheet prepared by the CFO.$file/WORKSHEET%20BOE%20Prioritization.pdf
Item 1 – Compensation Placeholder – as presented the figure was $15.9 Million.
Newkirk said “as I recall, we had good conversation about SAED” being something that could be transferred to staff.
Witt – “agreed.”
Witt moved that the compensation placeholder be reduced by SAED and the Affordable Care Act cost to a total dollar of $11,785,100.  Williams seconded. 
Dahlkemper asked why there was a vote being made on a placeholder. 
Witt responded, “Can we agree we have majority consensus.” 
Dahlkemper “No.”
Witt, “So we vote.” 
Williams Newkir Witt – Yes,  Fellman Dahlkemper – No
Item passed 3-2 to reduce the placeholder by the cost of SAED and ACA, transferring that to the employees (in effect, giving a pay raise and taking it back – similar to the negative factor in school finance).
Based on salary schedule comparisons for Jeffco, Boulder, Cherry Creek, Littleton, Adams 12, Brighton, and Westminster,   Jeffco and Adams 12 have the lowest first year salary scales for teachers.    Jeffco prides itself on recruiting the best and the brightest.  How do we do that when we can no longer be competitive?
Boulder $40,760.00
Westminster $40,500.00
Littleton $34,977.00
Cherry Creek $35,634.00
Brighton $33,686.00
Jeffco $33,616.00
Adams 12 $32,024.00