100,000 Signatures

Will people recognize and understand what we did?

Great Schools, Thriving Communities has been a labor of love for parents and educators. Obtaining 2% of signatures across the state in 35 Senate Districts within a few months (including the insane school calendars of April and May) is no small task. In fact, many will say that it’s likely more difficult work than the campaign that will follow.


(PS – please join us in volunteering for that too, we need you!)

Education issues so rarely get attention. Parents and teachers  are so often dismissed as naïve soccer moms, minivan drivers, babysitters, etc., and yet, volunteering parents and educators are the people who carried this massive effort of gathering signatures and connecting to others across the state to fruition.

100,000 signatures across the state. Think about that for just a minute. That’s thousands of people making the time to get a petition from other volunteers, posting to their friends on social media, emailing contacts, and calls and texts as well.

First – THANK YOU to everyone who shared information and carried petitions! Thank you to everyone who made the time to sign! We deserve a celebration for the effort we put forth! Everyone was incredible!!!

Second – Join us to celebrate! RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/204410693606782/

The Great Schools, Thriving Communities campaign issued the following Press Release for the media:

DENVER – The Great Schools, Thriving Communities campaign to support all preschool through twelfth grade public school students will hold a celebration and press conference to close the signature-gathering phase of Initiative 93.

The Great Schools, Thriving Communities campaign was inspired by a diverse and inclusive coalition of education-connected organizations working to advance better and more equitable funding of public schools through a ballot initiative in 2018. Great Schools, Thriving Communities believes:

  • Every student needs the opportunity to reach his or her full potential and to participate meaningfully in the civic and economic life of the community.
  • The Colorado way of life should be about every student having the chance to succeed regardless of their zip code or their learning needs.
  • A strong economy requires quality public education as it develops a quality workforce that will drive a vibrant Colorado economy for decades to come.
  • Because of the dedicated work of all partners and supporters, the campaign is confident it will meet the Wednesday deadline to deliver well over 100,000 signatures representing all parts of Colorado to the Secretary of State’s office.

What: Great Schools, Thriving Communities Signature Celebration.
When: Wednesday, July 11, noon to 1:30pm. Press Conference begins at 1:00pm.
Where: Alamo Placita Park, N Ogden St & E 3rd Ave, Denver, CO 80218.
Why: To celebrate the hard work of thousands of volunteers and showcase the power of organized education supporters when we come together for our students.

Great Schools, Thriving Communities will thank partners and supporters with food and entertainment starting at noon. After brief remarks by key speakers, a convoy of cars full of boxes of voter signatures will depart the park to drop off the signatures at the Secretary of State’s office.

Initiative 93 is the first ballot initiative in Colorado to successfully turn in signatures representing 2% of voters across all 35 Colorado senate districts since the passage of Amendment 71 in 2016.


Watch for pictures Wednesday (share yours with us!) and then we’ll take a short break to recover before diving in to Support Jeffco Kids again!