1 out of 6 voters elected a school board that doesn’t represent us!

An awesome SJK Supporter shared this info and has given us permission to share with others!
Two years ago, less than 1 in 3 registered voters cast a ballot for School Board.  That means about 17% of all registered voters in Jeffco made one of the most important decisions for your kids, your schools, your neighborhoods and your businesses. As a result, our community has been put through the wringer over the past two years.  Think about it: 1 out of 6 voters were able to elect school board members who don’t represent us, who have reneged on promises of transparency and financial responsibility, and who have no interest in what, we the people of Jefferson County, want for our schools or our kids. Do you want others making decisions for you? Do you want a small minority of voters shaping policy for 86,000 kids?  It’s time to make your voice heard.  It’s time to vote!


This summer, Jeffco united.  We walked. We talked.  We signed petitions.  We said, “Enough!”  In seventeen short days, 37,000 citizens agreed that we need to move forward, to put our kids and schools first, to end the tide of ignoring the community, wasteful spending and disrespect.


The petitions put everyone on notice that OUR community, OUR schools, and most importantly OUR kids are worth standing up for.  But we’re not done.  Petitions were the first step.  Now it’s time to finish the job.  You need to vote.  Don’t procrastinate! Do it right now.  It only takes 10 minutes.


This is the most important part: You need to either mail or drop your ballot off.  Make it a celebration or a family event.  Show your kids and your community how much you value them, by making sure you vote.  After you have dropped off or mailed your ballot, go out for coffee with a friend, or ice cream with your family.  Finally, encourage your friends, family and neighbors to vote.  We all have a stake in our kids education – don’t let just a few voters determine the future of the entire community.  We’re counting on you.


There are 24 hour ballot drop boxes throughout the county.  It only takes a few minutes to drop your ballot at a drop box near you.


The following Ballot Drop Boxes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through 7 p.m. Election Day beginning October 12, 2015. Signs in the area around the boxes will help direct you.


  • Arvada City Hall – 8101 Ralston Rd

  • Standley Lake Library – 8485 Kipling St
  • Arvada Motor Vehicle Office – 6510 Wadsworth Blvd Ste 320


  • Conifer Marketplace – 10875 US Hwy 285


  • Evergreen Library – 5000 County Rd 73


  • Golden City Hall, 911 10th St
  • Jefferson County Courts & Admin Building – 100 Jefferson County Parkway.(Along Jefferson County Parkway east of the Jeffco Admin.& Courts Building)
  • Jefferson County Campus – 3600 Illinois St. (East of Illinois St in the Jefferson County storage lot)


  • Lakewood City Hall, 480 S Allison Pkwy


  • Columbine Library – 7706 W Bowles Ave
  • South Service Center – 11139 Bradford Rd., Littleton


  • Westminster City Hall – 4800 W 92nd Ave

Wheat Ridge

  • Wheat Ridge City Hall – 7500 W 29th Ave